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Peter Pyle


Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2019 23:37:45 +0000 (UTC)
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Subject: [EBB-Sightings] Royal Tern Alameda

Hi All,
While doing a bird survey at the Alameda Reserve, Alameda Point, Alameda I observed a single Royal Tern. Â It was calling while flying over and by me at about 9:30 AM today April 11. Â This area has no public access, but the bird could go north, south or west over or along the bay. Â It was flying NW towards SF when last seen. Â It had very white underwings with no large black area as seen on Caspian Terns also in the area. Â The bill was orange red not the deep red of the Caspian Terns and the bill was thinner (but not as thin and long as an Elegant Tern) than the Caspian Terns. Â The overall bird seemed less bulky "slimmer" than a Caspian.
Also seen in the area by the breakwater was a single Brant and 8 Brown Pelicans. Â There are now over 200 Caspian Terns at their colony in the SF county portion of the Alameda Reserve. I looked for the Royal Tern in the colony area, but did not find it there. Â
John LutherOakland

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