94 species by bike w/Jonah Benningfield

Josiah Clark

Over the course of about seven hours and 20 miles Jonah and I got a good eyefull and earful of spring birding by bicycle in southwestern SF.
We had 71 species in the first hour as we resurrected my old Presidio “big hour” routes. Jamming all around like in decades passed, it felt like nothing had changed...
Presidio highlights included:
-restored tidal action and exposed mud at Crissy! And -2 short-billed dowitchers there
Elsewhere 5 swallow species, 4 species woodpecker, 5+ Wilson’s Warblers, 4 hooded orioles, 1 singing OC Warbler, 4 Bewick’s Wrens, 7 getting late Ruby-cr Kinglets , 6+ pine siskins, purple finch, California Red-winged Blackbirds on territory at Mt. Lake, 16 BC nightherons was the high count there 2 days ago there
- courtship flights of Cooper’s and migrating Sharp-shinned hawks, lots of other raptor movement over the ridges
In GGP we Met up w Brian Turner and Oscar Moss
-stow lake- no sign of wintering goldeneye, shovelers, wigeon or mew gulls but 7 GB heron nests
-Lots of singing Townsend’s Warblers all around
- 1 Lincoln’s sparrow-Ggp windmill
-the GH owl with 3 chicks by the buffalo paddock!
-5 Red Cross bills battery caulfield rd presidio – Jonah only, 95 species for the day for him, he wins!
Looking forward to more epic rides with the next generation of SF birders. They are quite the clutch.

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