NW SF sightings today

Oscar Moss

Today I birded around GGP and the Presidio.

Started by meeting Brian Turner at Elk Glen Lake, and we birded over to Mallard Lake. Not anything rare, but Brian noted that Red-winged Blackbirds are beginning to engage in territorial defense in the reeds. A few Fox Sparrows still around, haven’t seen nearly as many as a few weeks ago.

On the coastal bluffs in the presidio along the battery to bluffs trail, Wrentit, Spotted Towhee, Bewick’s Wren all singing on territory.

After that, headed up to Ft Scott, to find that 2 Cliff Swallows were present among other swallows. Probably returning birds found by Brian Fitch last year, coming back to nest again (?). Also lots of Band-tailed Pigeons around, and one Caspian Tern was flying toward Crissy.

At Crissy, nothing more than the usual suspects. 3 Caspian Terns, 2 male Greater Scaup, lots of Ruddy Duck, alternate Horned Grebe, one Belted Kingfisher.

Travelled to Stow Lake, where I joined up with Ruddy W. There was a worn 1cy Olympic Gull, but nothing else really crazy. So we headed to the Botanical Gardens. Here the highlight was nice looks at a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in an oak right near the southern maintenance shed, next to California Native Garden.

A fun time

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