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Richard Bradus

Thanks Brian!
Good teamwork, indeed. I arrived a bit after noon to find Josiah Clark intently filming the Sabine's as it swam about the pond. We watched it for the better part of an hour, saw it get attacked quite savagely by a couple of immature Western Gulls but recover (though appearing fatigued or perhaps ailing) and resume its serene swimming.

Josiah's eBird checklist and some of my photos are here:

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I did a sea watch at the Sutro Baths this morning between 8 and 10:30.  I put in extra time because the atmospheric clarity was outstanding, and I really expected some notable migrants to fly by.  I also checked the bath pool several times over the first hour, with nothing unusual. 

Jim Carmack showed up, and while we talked, Paul Linnemeyer arrived and surprised us with the news that the Sabine's Gull had returned.  We all ran over to the south wall and watched the bird for 40 minutes or so, as it mostly stood on the seawall near other gulls, looking unwell, but also preening at times, and flying briefly to avoid aggressive larger gulls.  At one point, it upchucked a small brownish pellet, a behavior that may have reflected it's ill health, or perhaps something pelagic gulls do at times?  Around 9:40, a fisherman and then some tourists scared the bird off around the Cliff House and out of sight.  Jim obtained some nice shots of the gull standing, stretching, and flying off.

The only definite migrants here were singletons of Osprey, Whimbrel, and Barn Swallow, all heading north over the sea.

I then checked western GG Park, and at Middle Lake found Bob Gunderson for the second time of the morning, and he was tracking what turned out to be a Nashville Warbler, possible the previously reported individual, or a new arrival.  Good teamwork today!

Brian Fitch

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On the wall at sutro. 9 am
Brian fitch

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