Bald Eagle, Lake Merced

Richard Bradus

Interesting morning!

I waited until the fog cleared before heading out to the concrete bridge area of Lake Merced, foolishly thinking that I would be able to see the Gallinule. In mid-day? No such luck. But it turned out OK, actually great.

While checking out and listening to the marsh wrens in the reeds near the east side a bit after 11am I looked up and saw a very large, long-winged bird circling off to the east. When I saw the full white tail my pulse rate jumped and, yup, there was the white head. Unbelievable! I managed to get a few long-range photos as it circled, rather rapidly for this species, harassed first by what looked like a Western Gull (!) and then some crows. It actually flapped its wings a few times to get some distance from them before making its way south - it probably flew right over SF State and then the SF Golf Club, seemingly headed for Serramonte (or Crystal Springs?).

I'll try to upload some photos when I submit an eBird list later. And there were a couple of other surprising sightings (for which I was unable to get photos), including a House Wren that popped up right near me and a female Red-breasted Merganser on a fly-by!

It really does help to keep looking up!

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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