2 Oriole Day at Fort Mason, Western Kingbird, Pacific Slope Flycatcher

David Assmann

I paid my first visit in over a week to Fort Mason this morning, and had a few good migrants. A nice adult male BULLOCK'S ORIOLE was in a Eucalyptus tree north of the garden, and a WESTERN KINGBIRD  and a PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER were in the Battery. The ORCHARD ORIOLE was rattling and singing in the garden. The FOX SPARROWS are starting to sing as well. The LINCOLN'S SPARROW was in the garden and two WESTERN BLUEBIRDS were near the Franklin entrance to Fort Mason. The female ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD continues to sit on a nest just off the path leading down to Aquatic Park. A CASPIAN TERN flew over Aquatic Park.

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