Fort Mason GGAS trip

David Assmann

The main highlight for today's field trip at Fort Mason was the number of nests we were able to observe.  We watched a pair of BUSHTITS going in and out of a nest in the Battery, and had good looks at three different ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD nests - one in front of the garden, one in the lower Battery and one at the top of the stairs coming up from Aquatic Park.  We had stunning looks at the overwintering ORCHARD ORIOLE,  which remained in view for at least 15 minutes, at one point sitting a foot away from a bright ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER. At least 30 CEDAR WAXWINGS foraged in the garden.  The WANDERING TATTLER was on the pier in Aquatic Park. Swallows have returned - we saw both a BARN SWALLOW and a VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW. A pair of WESTERN BLUEBIRDS were near the entrance way to Fort Mason. RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS were singing, and two participants reported hearing a Blue Gray Gnatcatcher.

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