Recent Winter Sightings

Oscar Moss

Today at Middle Lake there was a House Wren loudly singing from the thickets at the south end of the lake. Perhaps just a winterer or migrant, but Dom suggested that it may be trying to establish a territory. Definitely worth continuing to look for, in case it sticks around and is able to find a mate and breed. No sign of the BAWW that undoubtedly overwintered here. Not much else of note in GGP, save a few Pine Siskins at the golf course.

During a seawatch from the Cliff House last weekend in bad conditions I saw one Red-necked Grebe, likely one of the same individuals that overwintered in the Lands End Area. Certainly big numbers of these around this winter in SF.

While looking for Josiah’s Long-tailed Duck a few weeks ago at Baker Beach, I viewed 4 Brant feeding in the Golden Gate Channel with Jeffrey Gray.

Good birding,


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