Richard Bradus

Hi all

As if the sudden re-appearance of the sun and warm temperatures were not enough, there were nice hints of spring from our avian friends yesterday and today.

At Land's End yesterday I saw a pair of Oystercatchers copulate, and later engage in a prolonged bout of "agitated behavior", squawking very loudly as a third bird squabbled with them, eventually engaging in some pretty violent pecking, and even carrying their fight over the water with some in-flight skirmishing. I'm not sure if they settled the matter, but it appeared that the pair remained together, warily eyeing the third bird as it kept its distance. Around the same time I saw a couple of waves of Violet-green swallows swoop and soar over the area, perhaps a dozen in all, heading north presumably in migration.

Today on my pre-lunch walk through Alta Plaza Park I saw the resident pair of Pygmy Nuthatches working on their nest cavity in a large cypress. One was pecking away at the entrance when its mate arrived carrying nesting material, including what looked like a small pigeon feather. A new season calls for a new door and new furnishings, right? And in Lafayette Park the warblers were active and vocal, with a couple of singing Yellow-rumps and Townsend's doing various length fragments of their songs, one even adding an ending trill a few times. More singing, less chipping - I'm good with that, even though that means they will soon be leaving us.


Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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