Crissy Grebe grand slam and “Bike big hour”

Josiah Clark

With the longer days and clear weather I took an hour off the computer to do some spring reconnaissance around the presidio.
Six pieces of grebes were present around Crissy Field, where red-necked, Horned Western and Clark’s were together by the torpedo wharf.
One snowy plover was in the water bird protection area, with a beached/ship-wrecked pied-billed Grebe onshore that needed the protection.
56 species for the hour. No swallows today and very few land birds, but it was late in the day. As others may have noticed I have observed an absence of turnstones and Surf birds in recent weeks at Baker Beach and the cliffhouse, probably due to the big waves and high seas.
I am making a point to take in the rapid transition in bird communities over then next month and a half.
Happy spring, Josiah Clark

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