Presidio Arrivals and Marin Audubon field trip report

Josiah Clark

Yesterday there were 4 returning rough- winged and 1 barn swallow over mountain lake. Being mid March, it’s definitely the expected time for early migrants.
On Sunday I lead up a Marin Audubon field trip starting at baker beach. We had the Red-necked Grebe, Black Scoters and Long-tailed Duck among 176 Surf Scoters. I learned from our resident academic Sam Saffron about scoter trends, that they have experienced a 10 fold decrease in the last 20 years on the pacific coast.
Other noteworthy birds were high counts of 5 Wrentits on the coastal bluffs (4 in view at once) and 8 Bewick’s Wrens, present at nearly every site we visited. We watched a pair building a nest among the many downed pines the historic “forest”. Populations of both these species have nearly blinked out in the passed. A spotted towhee continues at lobos creek.
We also focused some attention on rare and specialized plants including the rare and endemic San Francisco Wall Flower, which are in bloom right now.

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