Fort Mason Local Interest

David Assmann

Spent about 45 minutes this morning at Fort Mason, before the rain really started to come down. The ORCHARD ORIOLE and LINCOLN'S SPARROW continue in the garden. Checked out the Battery, where the tree removal has finished. Virtually all the trees from the lower hillside above Black Point are now gone.  There are two very small trees remaining, leaving an expansive view of the Bay. It will be interesting to see if the tree removal affects migration sightings. The mounds of wood chips left behind are attracting many sparrows (I saw a group of eight FOX SPARROWS in one very small area), as well as YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS. AMERICAN ROBINS were everywhere this morning - singing in the rain.  And speaking of singing, the WESTERN MEADOWLARKS at Heron's Head Park are now singing - one of my favorite aural experiences.  SAVANNAH SPARROWS are also singing at Heron's Head.

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