cont. Blackburnian Warbler


Yesterday I had business at the SF Zoo so I stopped at Lake Merced Park to look for the Blackburnian Warbler found on the CBC (12/27/18) by Peter Pyle, and last observed in early February.

After spending some time sorting through Yellow-rumped Warblers in the willows and myoporums on the south side of the entrance road from Skyline Blvd. the BLACKBURNIAN Warbler was relocated alive and still wintering. As in previous visits the soft call note preceded laying eyes on the bird as it feeds very quietly and almost in the creeping manner of Black&White Warbler than the frequently sallying Yellow-rumps. A wad of feathers and tree gum has formed over the bird's bill as is typical of exotic nectar tree clients by this late into the winter but this time it was feeding in the budding Arroyo Willows.

If anyone has anyone significant sightings from December - Feb that didn't make it on to the list let me know offline as I am beginning to compile the winter report.

Thank you,

Dominik Mosur
San Francisco

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