Northern and Eastern niceties continue

Richard Bradus

Hi all

Had a very successful morning, starting at Baker beach where the continuing Long-tailed Duck made a nice flyby and hung out for a time with a large raft of Surf Scoters (also seen by Max Benningfield, who hopefully got some photos). Two female Black Scoters also remain, seen near the edge of the largest raft, and there were also three species of Loon (though I missed seeing the Red-throateds), and at least one Bewick's Wren singing from above the battery.

Then off to Twin Peaks, where I got lucky having decided to survey from just south of the tourist overlook rather than hiking up. The Eastern Phoebe, which I had initially seen as a flash of white as it flew into cover in the brush, thankfully popped out and worked the scrub slope below for about ten minutes, affording me better views than Lee-Hong Chang who was below on the Crestline trail. It didn't sing but it did give one sharp chip call before it flew out to forage. Despite a dead battery (good thing I carried a spare) and my camera's annoying tendency to focus on the vegetation behind rather than the bird, I did manage to get a couple of decent photos. Interestingly, these show a bit of pale yellow on the belly, which I was not able to appreciate on my initial observation through binoculars.

Thank you Josiah and Dominik! (and all the subsequent reports) - they are still out there despite the storms. Fun for all!

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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