Re: Common Gallinule, Lake Merced

Bob Toleno

I saw the Common Gallinule this morning at a little after 7am in exactly the spot that Peter described. It was fairly well hidden in the reeds, so i had to wait until it moved a little before i could find it.

Bob Toleno

On Sun, Feb 24, 2019 at 6:48 PM Peter Pyle <ppyle@...> wrote:
The gallinule, first found by Brian Fitch on 22 Feb, was observed
today at about 3:45. It was skirting the back edge of the semi-open
area of water about 40 feet west of the NE corner of the concrete
bridge, to the left of the bleached white willow snag in the water
but to the right of the live willow that comes up to the bridge
railing, about 25 feet out from the bridge. When Rudy and I arrived
it was being observed by Max Laura and his son Mark, who apparently
first spotted the bird, and Jeff Gray. Jeff's and my photos are here:

As I wrote in my eBird checklist,

"My guess is a second-cycle bird - examination of photos indicates
broad and basic (rather than juvenile) primaries and rectrices but
bill shield is dull and not fully developed. By this date in Feb an
older bird should have brighter red-and-yellow bill and broader more
developed red shield (see photos)."

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