Allen's Invasion; Unusual call

Richard Bradus

Hi all

They have arrived in force. On a beautiful mid-morning amble through the East Wash there were at least six Allen's Hummingbirds (and only three Anna's!), with lots of activity. There were the usual skirmishes, a male was repeatedly doing its display flights in the lower glade, and I saw one female gathering and carrying away nesting material but, alas, was not able to follow her flight to the nest.

I also heard a call that I couldn't identify while surveying the mid level plateau. It was a coarse bzzzzzzzt that I first thought was a Bewick's Wren, but the call was louder and harsher than the usual buzz call from that species. As the call was repeated a couple of times from a couple of different proximate locations the only bird that I could see in the immediate apparent originating point of the call was a somewhat frantic looking Robin. Now, robins make a lot of different calls, but I've never heard one buzz or rattle before, so I'm stumped.

Any thoughts?

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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