Black Skimmer remains

Richard Bradus

Hi all

As others have noted, there is one remaining Black Skimmer hanging out in the St. Francis Yacht Club harbor/Wave Organ area. Today (Feb. 16) when I arrived just after 3:30pm it was soaking up the sun at the edge of the "beach" below the rocks leading to the wave organ, maintaining its position despite multiple people nearby and a man and a dog that walked just a few meters away. It eventually went for a sortie around the area, unfortunately not skimming, but it did fly almost right past me as I stood at water's edge just off Marina Green (and apparently off to Crissy Field and back). It again settled for a time at the edge of the rocks just below the wave organ until chased away by people venturing onto the beach, but it was again resting on the sand just to the west when I left.

Also a good assortment of other fowl, including some unusual behavior: a sanderling that was foraging along the top of the cement breakwater, weaving in and out of the gulls, and a lone starling that decided to glean among the rocks below the seawall.

Thanks Jonah!

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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