Re: Black Skimmers

Felix Rigau


A wild and wonderful morning! On my walk to the “Wave Organ” I had good, close up views of two Black Skimmers on the beach at the end of the jetty. 


Dan Murphy and Russ Bright, two great birders whom I've known from my early birding years but don’t see often, were also birding there. As we were chatting a long dark line of clouds headed our way, looking quite ominous. I bid my friends adieu and started my walk back. At the parking area I observed a Surfbird walking along the base of the retaining wall. Russ and Dan were then approaching and I shared my sighting. That led to a short discussion on birds less frequently seen in the city then in years past — American Kestrel and Ruddy Turnstone. 


By this time the thunderous clouds were on top of us. It started to hail and blow strongly. I’m very grateful to Dan who gave me shelter from the storm in the cab of his truck.

And thanks to Jonah for a great find!


Good Birding.



Felix Rigau

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