Re: Black Skimmers at Fort Mason Yacht Harbor fide Jonah Benningfield

Jonah Benningfield

Hi birders,

Ok, here's the story with the Skimmers.
This afternoon, during my sailing practice (around 5:20), I was headed out of the Golden Gate Yacht Club harbor, when I saw a flock of medium-sized shorebirds flying overhead, possibly BBPL, but I don't really know. Anyways, while I was tracking those as they flew west, I got on (2) BLACK SKIMMERS flying east over the rocky spit (with the Wave Organ at the end).

Their bouncy flight style, long wings, partially orange bill, and entirely black upperparts with white undersides were all visible, even though I had no binoculars. They were flying east, towards Fort Mason, although I quickly lost them as we sailed away. I tried and failed to pick them out from a distance over the next hour or so, and on my way back into the harbor I didn't see them, although by that point it was very dark and pouring rain. However, I suspect that they flew into the Bay, rather than sticking around so close to the gate, and I would suggest checking potential roosting spots (Bayside?) if one were to look for them in SF. That said, I'll be out on my bike tomorrow before and after school (when it's not pouring), and I'll bring along a camera just in case.

all the best, and good birding,
Jonah B.

On Wednesday, February 13, 2019, 5:51:14 PM PST, Logan Kahle <logan@...> wrote:

Hi all,

Just heard from Jonah Benningfield that there are currently 2 Black
Skimmers at the Fort Mason Yacht Harbor. Don't have any details on
specific location (maybe on the breakwall?), but given the nature of
Skimmers in the city it is likely best to chase these birds soon if you
want a shot at seeing them.

Good birding,


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