early breeding behavior


On 1/30/19 a female ALLEN'S Hummingbird was constructing a nest inside the fence of the reservoir at the Menzies "California" section of the Arboretum/Golden Gate Park. Off top of my head this is the earliest nest building I can recall by Allen's Hummingbird in recent years with a mid-February being the next earliest on Corona Hill some years back. The nest was being built in a blackberry bush.

This morning (2/1) while heading into work I observed a pair of BAND-TAILED Pigeons engaged in stiff winged courtship flights and chasing over the intersection of Clarendon and Laguna Honda. This species has yet to be "confirmed" with physical evidence of nesting in San Francisco but this is the second consecutive winter I've observed Band-tails engaged in this behavior at this site.

Dominik Mosur
San Francisco

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