Recent Battery Godfrey sightings, Jan. 25 & 27, etc.

Paul Saraceni

With recent NE winds, I did a skywatch from Battery Godfrey early morning Friday, 1/25, to see if anything was moving. The flight was minimal, but there were a few species of local interest:

Cackling Goose 24 (1 high-flying flock of "Aleutians" heading NE)

BRANT 2 (on the water in the GG Channel, then flew SW in the direction of Mile Rock)

Am. Wigeon 7 (flying w/N. Pintail flock)

N. Pintail 17 (flying flocks of 10 & 7)

Loons (most flying high over GG Channel / Headlands heading E):

Common 2

Pacific 2

Red-thr. 40+

Peregrine Falcon 2 (perched together atop S tower of GG Bridge)

This morning (1/27), Hugh C., Sam S., and I tried again from BG for a few hours in cold NE winds.  The only waterfowl moving were multiple small groups of Surf Scoters.  The 2 Peregrine Falcons were again present on the Bridge and flying over the Battery.  Two flocks of Band-tailed Pigeons totaling 80+ crossed the Bay and headed S over the Presidio. The most interesting sighting was an early group of 4 VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS heading N over the Battery.

Other recent sightings: my first observation of N. Pintail for the year was a group of 7 m. flying N over the ocean (viewed from the terminus of Pacheco) on 1/21.  That morning I also observed 3 BLACK SCOTERS (2 m. & 1 f.) at the usual location off the S end of the Great Highway.  Numbers of that species have been unusually low this winter at that traditional wintering location -- in past winters there has typically been a flock of ~20.

Paul Saraceni

San Francisco

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