Re: Waterfowl pair at Stow Lake


Those beauties are Domestic Ducks.  The white one most likely a Pekin and the tan one I'd guess is a Crested Indian Runner or hybrid with one. 

On January 21, 2019, at 6:54 PM, Dan Harris <dh1236@...> wrote:

Today (January 21), while walking around Stow Lake, I spotted a waterfowl pair that I hadn't seen before and couldn't locate in my various field guides. Seemed exotic. The pair was located on the south side of the lake, east of the stone arch bridge just where the narrow channel begins to open up to the large eastern portion of the lake. The white feathers on the larger duck had a very soft, silky, milky appearance.

Perhaps some of you SFBirders have seen or know of this bird. Any help in identifying is appreciated.

Dan Harris
San Francisco

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