Crissy Cassins vireo and birds of late

Josiah Clark

On Friday morning while birding with Todd Easterla, he found a Cassin’s Vireo during a very brief visit to Crissy field. This is the first wintering one of its kind found in SF in over a decade I believe. We also had a few Wilson’s snipe and a flyover American pipit.
Riding by inspiration point last week I had an unexpected flock of about 30 pine siskins, more than I have seen in the Presidio all winter. Birds definitely on the move between the storms, with bluebirds and purple finches visiting the yard.
A work opportunity had me on the lookout for early signs of breeding in the panhandle today.
While I did not find any active nests, a few noteworthy observations for this simplified, traffic flanked, narrow strip of habitat included a pair of Nutall’s woodpeckers, a Hairy woodpecker and a very early singing Dark-eyed Junco among the 18 expected species seen.

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