west side miscellaneous observations 1/14/19


Spent some time on the west side of the City today including birding with Logan Kahle for several hours at Sutro and West Golden Gate Park.

Some notable sightings included

Black Scoter : 1 male and 1 female from south end of Ocean Beach, a very low count for this deep into winter. During this seawatch I also noted ZERO Red-throated Loons which might be a first for me in mid-winter when typically hundreds can be seen flying by most mornings.

Allen's Hummingbird : first arrival, heard along the path at JFK and Chain of Lakes Drive across from the North Lake restrooms

Long-billed Curlews : 4 on beach below Fort Funston with a marbled godwit, uncommon/rare here except in migration

Sharp-shinned Hawk : one hunting along Chain of Lakes, later another stopped briefly at Fort Funston above the Native plant nursery

Merlin : Golden Gate Park Golf course

Nashville Warbler : North Lake/GGP , continuing wintering bird

Black & White Warbler : Middle Lake/GGP, continuing wintering bird

Wilson's Warbler : in dense willows at east end of the defunct Pacific Rod&Gun Club along John Muir Drive/South Lake Merced, presumed previously undiscovered (?) wintering bird (unless one was seen on CBC)

Dominik Mosur
San Francisco

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