Re: Tribe of Grackles at L. Merced


I think Great-tailed Grackles that nest at Lake Merced may spend the winter at Westlake shopping center.

When the Lake Merced colony first started around 2012-2013, I recall hearing about a single male grackle and sometimes a pair in the Home Depot parking lot.

As the grackle breeding colony has grown so it seems has the Westlake population in the non-breeding season.


On Jan 13, 2019, at 20:12, Nancy Palmer <nancy_palmer@...> wrote:

Hi Eddie,
I saw a group of about 20 Great-Tailed Grackles in the Home Depot parking lot at West Lake Center on December 8 but never reported it.
I was curious about them because I hadn’t seen the LM group in awhile. So perhaps they have been here all winter?
Nancy Palmer


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