San Francisco 2018 CBC Recap-Area 16--Pacifica


Here are some of the highlights from Area 16:

(Aleutian) Cackling Goose - w/10 Canadas on Sharp Park Golf Course, all 11 geese seen flying over Milagra Ridge at dusk

Black Scoter - 7 off Mussel Rock

Northern Pintail - 8 thanks to Peter Metropulos' sharp seawatching off Mussel Rock, the only ones on the count

White-tailed Kite - 5

Virginia Rail - Laguna Salada

Long-billed Curlew - Sharp Park beach

BURROWING OWL - continuing on Milagra Ridge

BARN SWALLOW - flying north over beach mid afternoon, spotted by PJM, only one on the count

House Wren - 7

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher - 3

California Thrasher - 3, Milagra Ridge

Nashville Warbler - Rockaway

Black-throated Gray Warbler - Mori Pt./Fairway Drive entrance Willows

White-throated Sparrow - Cedric's long staying yard bird

We tallied 97 species for the area but numbers seemed low to very low for the most part. Only ONE California Quail was noted all day-- a single male at the SF Archery Range.

Also, a Count Week addition was a GREEN HERON in Calera Creek, seen on 12/24 but not relocated on count day.

Thank you to all the counters in our area:

Jackie Barshak
Grace Blacker
Ron Davis
Cedric Duhalde
Peter Metropulos
Anne Middlebrook
Joe Morlan
Michael Park
Allison Weber

Happy new year,

Dominik Mosur
San Francisco

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