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Some highs and lows from today’s San Francisco Christmas Bird Count…

The lows first: General consensus was that land bird numbers were lower
than usual. Not many Yellow-rumped Warblers in most areas, generally lower
numbers of other warblers and also sparrows/finches. Ducks and shorebirds
also seemed a bit lower than normal in most areas.

Some species have been missing on the count for a few years now and may
need to move to the rare list.

Some highlights: Species diversity was good. These are rough numbers and
we will need to verify rarities (and verify that I was hearing things
correctly at the dinner) but we had 162 of the Common species, and 18 Rare
species, including a few that are new to the list. New additions include
Blackburnian Warbler (Lake Merced), Pacific Slope Flycatcher (Twin
Peaks/Buena Vista, etc.) and Phainopepla (San Bruno Mountain) along with
Wild Turkey of uncertain provenance (Eastern Golden Gate Park). The
reviewers intake of Wild Turkey may influence the decision to accept the

Other rarities included Ancient Murrelet from two areas, Black-vented
Shearwater, Bald Eagle (probable 2nd year), Barn Swallow, Rock Wren,
Yellow, Palm, Wilsons and Black-throated Grey Warblers, Summer Tanager and
Orchard Oriole. (Many of these should show up on EBird and SF
Birds/Peninsula Birds.)

I’d like to add thanks to all of the leaders - It’s a lot of work whether
it’s your first time or your thirty-first time. And thanks to everyone who
took part in the count - we rely on you to show up and this great citizen
science thing couldn’t happen without you. Thanks too, to the GGAS staff
for logistics and some truly delicious food at the count dinner.

See you all in 2019!

Siobhan Ruck, Alan Hopkins and Dan Murphy.

Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA

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