Black-and White Warbler @ SF Zoo + Battery Godfrey, 12/8/18

Paul Saraceni

This morning Hugh Cotter and I (with a brief visit from Josiah Clark) birded Battery Godfrey for the first few hours during cold, steady NE winds.

Not a big flight but we did observe some species of local interest:

BRANT 5 (in the GG Channel then flew W)

N. Pintail 34 (2 high-flying flocks of 11 & 23)

WHITE-WINGED SCOTER 2 (singles flying over the Channel w/Surf Scoters)

Surf Scoter 40+ (on the water and flying flocks; note that the flock below the bluff which has been present for over a week contains a couple of whitish-faced f./imms. that might be mistaken on quick view for another species)

Cooper's Hawk 1 ad.

Merlin 1

Peregrine Falcon 1

Com. Loon 3

Red-thr. Loon 6

Black Oystercatcher 2

Black Turnstone 2

Heermann's Gull 60+ (flying in the Channel)

Herring Gull 6 (fly-bys)

Iceland ("Thayer's") Gull 2 (fly-bys)

Com. Murre 2

Varied Thrush 4 (fly-overs heading N)

Later in the morning we birded a loop through the SF Zoo (note that there is an admission fee to enter the Zoo).  The highlight was a confiding BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER, perhaps a 1st-winter male, working small trees near the "Insect Zoo" (NW quadrant of the Zoo). Other observations included a tan-striped White-throated Sparrow (near the Pelican/Bald Eagle pond), a mobile flock of 5 Western Bluebirds, and a high-flyover Great Egret.

Photos of the B-and-W Warbler can be seen in the following list:

Paul Saraceni 

San Francisco

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