Winter pelagic - Feb 2

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hello all,

    We are back in action, and have planned our winter pelagic for the season. Saturday Feb 2, 2019.

   We still know little about winter pelagics, but we do know that Short-tailed Shearwater is likely, as are Ancient Murrelets and Black-legged Kittiwakes. Laysan Albatross are always rare, but less so in winter than in summer, and if you want to throw out the birds we hope for and have a chance for but would have to be extremely lucky to see – Short-tailed Albatross and who knows, if we are going to find a Thick-billed Murre maybe it will be this year. The idea is to have fun out there, see some birds we cannot see from land, and maybe learn a few things and find something unexpected. Join us, rather than look for shadows on land on groundhog day, lets see what they look like offshore.

Good birding and have great CBCs everyone.



Alvaro Jaramillo



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