Orchard Oriole and other sightings at Fort Mason

David Assmann

A first year male ORCHARD ORIOLE was in the Fort Mason Community Garden this morning, showing a little bit of orange, and missing its tail.  This is not the Orchard Oriole that I have been seeing in the garden for the past few weeks. Also had a MERLIN fly by at eye level (reason for missing tail?).  Otherwise the main highlights were sparrows - a continuing WHITE-THROATED SPARROW and  LINCOLN'S SPARROW in the garden, and a SAVANNAH SPARROW (uncommon this time of year at Fort Mason) near the Chapel. A gray-headed ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER was near the steps leading down to Aquatic Park, a HOUSE WREN was in the garden and an intergrade NORTHERN FLICKER also continues in the garden.

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