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Alvaro Jaramillo

Very nice Brian!

   This species is now becoming way more regular coastally, not sure why, but it is.



Alvaro Jaramillo



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I went out to search for Jonah's LBBG today, and instead of re-finding his bird, I found an adult in the flock on Ocean Beach at the foot of Lawton.  White head with fine streaks on crown and nape, a dark smudge in front of the white eye, an unusual red, yellow and pale bill pattern, the mantle a shade darker than the darkest nearby western, 3-4 small white spots at the folded primary tips which I could not see when the bird opened its wings, longer attenuated wings than any nearby California, short yellowish legs, and two healthy looking feet, so not the Farallons bird, which I don't think was an adult anyway.  The bird stayed on the safety of the beach berm, which was being cut off by the rising tide's forming small lagoons between us and the flock. 


I tried a few cell photos, but was saved from that sad attempt by Calvin Lou's arrival, so he obtained photos, and Jim Lomax also joined us after a while.  The rain and wind then increased, and I came home to dry off.


Brian Fitch


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Adult lesser black backed gull at Lawton on beach

Brian fitch

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