Evening Grosbeaks over Noe Valley...yesterday.


Hi Birders,
      Sorry for belated report, but I needed time and caution for this to slowly sink in. Yesterday, about 2:35, while in our back yard at 23/Castro I heard a loud, once-familiar sound of chattering birds, then after a few seconds of searching the sky I briefly saw ~10 Evening Grosbeaks speeding north, but not long or clear enough to see any fine plumage details other than noting sounds and size. I actually heard the birds for 2-3 seconds before I saw them. After listening to a number of recorded calls, I found those sounds to closely match the sharp chortles of these chubby robin-sized birds flying over Noe Valley. They were almost certainly not anything else. Something to consider if watching a seed feeder (Some hosts call them evening “grocery-beaks” for their voracious appetites!) or birding places places with mature conifers like just up-the-road Buena Vista Park.
       It’s possible that we may see some mountain birds (finches?) pushed to wandering because of the tragic fires.
       Also: 2 Palm Warblers Friday, one found by Oscar Moss, continuing at the Yosemite Slough garden and a continuing Bewick’s Wren at Hillpoint Park above the HP shipyard.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Russ Bright

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