Re: Thursday presentation and west side barn owls


Thankx for the sighting info. I have never seen a Barn Owl, where on 17th? Thinking of palms, Lake st? What time if evening are you seeing them?

Thank you
Kim in SF

On November 14, 2018, at 11:39 PM, Josiah Clark <josiah.clark621@...> wrote:

As I am putting the finishing touches on a presentation for Golden Gate Audubon tomorrow night, I keep hearing a barn out the window. I have been observing them often of late, with one night up to three individuals around the 17th ave palm trees. I also saw one along Park Presidio going through the park diving down on a rat last night. Tonight just one along with the local pair of great horned owls. A decade ago this species was considerably rarer in the city. Very cool that these days they are breeding in the city. I suspect many of the ones around my neighborhood are migrants.

The presentation is called Habitat Potential Birding Tactics. I am including a little bit of everything including birding adventure photos and videos, strategies to maximize Christmas Bird and Big Day Counts and some local bird natural history videos and knowledge.
Doors at 6:30, presentation 7 PM first Unitarian church 1187 Franklin St.

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