Re: Black-Throated Green Warbler photos

Joe Morlan

The BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLER was still present along the Log Cabin
trail for our CCSF Ornithology class this morning (Saturday 27 October).
Photo by Peter Seubert shows the throat pattern well...

Also of interest were a WILSON'S WARBLER in the same area and three HOUSE
WRENS on Strawberry Hill. Full list at...

A pleasant outing despite the dripping fog.

On Sat, 27 Oct 2018 00:11:19 -0700, "Peter Pyle" <> wrote:

Thanks to photos posted or sent to me by Mark, Nancy Palmer, and Lee
Guichan I'm confident that the Black-throated Green is an adult, and
while I'm not sure I'd call it a male by plumage alone, several marks
(including black bases to some throat feathers) suggests it is one.
It all adds up to it being the April bird, which likely wintered
there last year. If it stays to winter again this would seem to
clinch it, and then we can expect it to again start singing and molt
into breeding plumage in March-April. Peter
Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA

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