Possible Nighthawk and other sightings at Fort Mason

David Assmann

A very active morning at Fort Mason, with the most intriguing sighting coming at the very end when three of the participants in this morning's GGAS walk flushed a medium sized (bigger than a towhee) brownish bird that was sleeping on the ground in the northeast corner of the garden. It was described as having spots, a white bar on each wing when it flew, and sharp pointed wings, which sounded like a Nighthawk to me. The bird flew towards the apple tree when it was flushed, and we could not refind it. Prior to that we had a very good morning for sparrows, with nine species altogether. A LARK SPARROW and a CHIPPING SPARROW were on the north side of the garden, and a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW and a LINCOLN'S SPARROW were in the garden, Warblers included a NASHVILLE WARBLER in the lower Battery, and a PALM WARBLER on the lawn north of the garden. An OSPREY was over the Bay, and a WANDERING TATTLER was on the waterfront. Three WESTERN MEADOWLARKS were west of the garden.

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