Possible Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker @ McLaren Lodge

Brian Turner

Attaching phone scopped image of a sapsucker observed this morning near McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park. Further description in EBird checklist: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S49140509.

After conferring with others I believe it is a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker (or hybrid). What the photos don't show well (unfortunately) is the overall brownish/yellow appearance that I saw along its breast and in facial markings, a la molting juvenile. I'm told this sort of molting would be late for RB or RN this time of year. Bird exhibited very little red on face and almost none on forehead. FWIW this is different from the adult sapsucker which was seen at the nearby Conservatory of Flowers that made an appearance on the "Birding California" Facebook list. 

Specific location is what I believe is a Sycamore tree along Conservatory Drive East where it meets the footpath north of the Lodge. There is a colorful ginkgo tree right next to it.

Worth mentioning there's also a Chestnut-Sided Warbler hopping around in that tree with several Warbling and Huttons vireos. 

Good birding everyone, it is a beautiful day out there.

Brian Turner

(open to edits based on limited experience with this species. May be a hybird bird). In sycamore next to ginko tree along conservatory drive E west of lodge. Photos do not show extensive brown overall appearance (juvenile plumage). Brown was on breast as well as head. Cheek area also looked brownish with creamy yellow "V" sharpening towards bill. fter conferring with experts I understand that Red-breasted or Red-naped would not show juvenile plumage this late in the season. 

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