Re: Possible Red-naped Sapsucker, Conservatory of Flowers

Adam Winer

People have been asking "where on Facebook"?

It's a private group, but if you're members, it's here:

The photos only show the bird and the tree trunk;  the bark looks like a cypress to me.

The positive marks for Red-naped Sapsucker:
- Neatly divided white barring down the back
- Obvious red nape patch

Negative marks, suggesting possible hybrid:
- Apparently complete black border to the throat
- No obvious white at the chin in the photos I can see (though apparently some female RNSAs can have all red-throats?)

-- Adam 

On Wed, Oct 3, 2018 at 11:40 AM Adam Winer <awiner@...> wrote:
What looks to me like a photo of an adult female Red-naped Sapsucker was just posted on Facebook from an out-of-town birder.  She reports it as being "behind the Conservatory of Flowers".  I won't have a chance to have a look until tomorrow morning, but it would be great if someone else could get out there.

-- Adam Winer

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