Mount Davidson, Sep 13 - Calliope?

Adam Winer

This morning, I had what I'm tentatively IDing as a probable Calliope Hummingbird south of the summit on Mount Davidson.   It was a small hummingbird, dwarfed by nearby harassing Anna's, but I had no nearby Selasphorus to compare it to (there was 1 on the mountain this morning, just not nearby).  It showed pale buffy flanks, and *no* visible rufous on a spread tail.  I thought that when perched the wings extended past the tail, but it never gave great looks to let me be confident of that.   Bill seemed on the short side.  Throat was very lightly stippled.

All-in-all, seemed pretty good for Calliope, but I never got a great look at the facial pattern, and didn't have a ton of time with the bird, which I lost track of.  One point I'm curious about is whether Rufous/Allen's every show no rufous at all at the base of the tail (I know Calliope can sometimes have some rufous).  It's certainly not a common mark.

Beyond that, there was also an immature male Rose-breasted Grosbeak - streaking continuing across the breast with just a tinge of red, an all pink bill, and a particularly contrasting head pattern.

Among more regular migrants were 2 House Wrens, 2 Black-headed Grosbeaks, a few Pacific-slope Flycatchers, 2 Townsend's, 1 Black-throated Gray, 1 Wilson's, 1 Yellow, and 3 Orange-crowned Warblers;  and several Western Tanagers.  A Sooty Fox Sparrow was my first this fall.  No vireos or other flycatchers on the mountain.

Adam Winer

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