Mt. Davidson, Wed 8/29: Brewer's Sparrow

Adam Winer

This morning around 8am, an adult Brewer's Sparrow was extremely confiding on the steps north of the summit, beautifully showing each of its muted facial pattern, complete white eye-ring, and streaked nape.  After a bit, it moved up to the open area at the summit, then went off down the south slope and I lost track of it.

This has been a long-term "jinx" bird for me in SF, and it was hugely satisfying to finally pick up one of my own.

Not a whole lot of other migrants on the mountain this morning. One Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (continuing a fall rife with them), several Western Tanagers, two Black-headed Grosbeaks, and a single Townsend's Warbler was about it for the site, though I got there a bit on the late side and may have missed some morning activity.

-- Adam Winer
   SF, CA

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