Candlestick Robbery

Brian Turner

Greetings birders,

I regret to report a rather terrifying robbery I experienced this afternoon after 2 hrs of birding Candlestick SRA. At approximately 5 pm I was packing up my vehicle after scoping the shoreline during an ebbing tide along Harney way, just off the on/off ramp of Highway 101.

 A dark gray Honda Accord rolled slowly towards me and before I knew it a man with a kerchief over the lower half of his face jumped out and pointed a pistol at me. I got the message instantly and laid on the ground while his accomplices took my scope and binoculars out of the car and he took wallet out of my pocket. Thankfully I left the experience unscathed physically, but I'm definitely shaken up. 

Be safe out there and stay on your guard, especially when birding solo. In retrospect I realize that I was somewhat of a sitting duck right next to the freeway onramp. 

Brian Turner

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