Lucy's Warbler continues (and anyone up for a Red-footed Booby excursion?)

Sam _

Hi all,

To keep this post on topic... the Lake Merced Lucy's Warbler found by Dom put in a nice appearance this morning around 9AM at the Harding Park entrance. As others have noted in their eBird checklists (but hasn't been mentioned on SFBirds), the bird has a prominent dark patch at the base of its bill--likely from eucalyptus gum--that you won't find in your field guide.

Otherwise, I wanted to see if there are any SF birders who have not yet seen the HMB Red-footed Booby and would like to try for it this weekend. I'm planning to rent a car to get down there either Saturday or Sunday morning and would be happy to give someone a lift. Alternatively, if you were already planning on heading down in your own vehicle I'd love to catch a ride. In either case just e-mail me off list!

Sam Safran

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