weekend birds

David Armstrong

Our walk through the Presidio yesterday was much less
productive than Harry's field trip today apparently
was -- did have the American Goldfinch and one male
quail in the area behind the old hospital, and a lot
of PYNU, both goldfinches and house finches on the
Ecology Trail. Crissy was quiet-- only 1 Caspian tern
to be found.
Today we fared better, starting at the Cliff House
where we saw 4 black oystercatchers and numerous
Heerman's Gulls. We checked out the Bank Swallow
colony but did not see any activity -- I thought they
had cleared out until reading Dan's mail just now.
Lake Merced was the best stop of the day: 2 beautiful
male ruddy ducks, an osprey, a calling flyover
sharp-shinned hawk, Northern rough-winged swallows,
Caspian Tern and a Virginia Rail all on the north side
of the lake.
David Armstrong

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