Re: Warm water offshore - good weather. Last minute pelagic?

Alan Hopkins

Good Luck!

On Friday, August 18, 2017 11:31 AM, "'Alvaro Jaramillo' chucao@... [SFBirds]" wrote:

Hi all,
    The last two trips we did were to the Farallon Islands, so not 100% concentrated on the canyons and deeper water. Tomorrow we head out to deeper water in San Mateo county, and the weather looks good! The setup is good with some warm water offshore reaching to 63 F, and colder inshore water. This is classically a great time to find rarities such as the Hawaiian Petrel – who knows. Last week we saw storm petrels including Ashy and Wilson’s, and Laysan Albatross and again we were in poor water getting to the islands that time. Alan Hopkins also was able to get on a Cook’s Petrel last Friday, but unfortunately it could not be relocated and photographed. Tomorrow we should be in richer water and can dedicate time to finding more stormies and albatross. Two spots also open for Bodega Bay on Sunday as well.
   We are so lucky to live near some of the best pelagic birding and whale watching on earth! Come enjoy.
Alvaro Jaramillo

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