Re: Are there Chiggers in SF?

Alan Hopkins

I've birded McLaren Park for more than 20 years and never gotten bites other than mosquito bites. I doubt chiggers. Maybe you disturbed a bunch of baby spiders.

Alan Hopkins

On Tuesday, May 30, 2017 10:42 AM, "Peggy Macres peggymacres@... [SFBirds]" wrote:

Fleas will bite low. I've been in flea infested spots wearing sneakers and low rise socks and ended up with lots of bites around my ankles - the first place they could reach. My flea bites have always acted differently than the chigger bites I've had (and actually have right now.) Chigger bites are bigger and spread out a bit. My flea bites stay little itchy bumps. Also, chiggers always seem to enjoy inner thighs and behind the knees for me, even when feet and ankles are exposed. 

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  Why am I asking? Well I went on a short visit to McLaren Park the other day while my son was at a soccer tournament in the soccer fields nearby. I went off trail to take photos of a White-crowned Sparrow, and later on in the day my feet were itching big time. Several bites on both feet, and I was wearing socks and shoes. The type of bite and itch suggests chiggers, but maybe not as strongly itchy as the ones I have had elsewhere in the world. But in all my time in California I have never gotten chiggers, although I have read that they do exist here. Anyone had a similar situation? Maybe they could be fleas, but then why just on the feet? Definitely not mosquitos. I am curious about what bit me, and I am sure it was there at Mclaren Park, I did not go anywhere else unusual during those days. Anyone have any ideas… inquiring minds want to know.  Also can I put my bitten feet up on Inaturalist… does that count? 😊
   No birds of note at the park, but the White-crowned Sparrow dialects there were really nice and musical.
Good birding,
Alvaro Jaramillo

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