Re: Presidio birds

Alan Hopkins <ash@...>

Monday there was a Semipalmated Plover at Crissy Field,and the Killdeer
chick is still with us. Last week there was at least one Western
Sandpiper and the Sort-billed Dowitcher was around for a few days.


Harry Fuller wrote:

This afternoon I stopped by Tennessee Hollow in prep for my GGAS field trip in
Presidio this weekend.
Mockers, family of four
HOOR, party of two
Les Gold. >4
Sc Jay
RT Hawk
PYNU, HOFI, AMRO inc. many juvies
VG and Barn Sw
OS FLy calling
two calling Casp Terns flew over
Crissy Lagoon:
gulls only, but first Ring-bill of the season, an adult

Coast Guard pier: DC COrm, WEGU, Pelicans flying past, one PIGU flew in and
landed just east of pier, one female Gr Scaup near fishing pier west of Coast

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