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Alan Hopkins

Thanks Russ, Thanks for your added description! Looks like you got better looks than I did.


On Friday, December 16, 2016 5:50 PM, "birdbright@... [SFBirds]"

Hi All, 
     Not sure my reply to Allen got out to the group, but to somewhat repeat what I wrote to him. I happened to be at Lloyd Lake about 2:30 today when I checked my phone to find his report. I quickly refound the active bird feeding from the mid to upper levels of the trees and shrubbery on each side of the connecting trail at the low concrete building. To add to Allen's excellent description: grey throat, yellowish-grey chest with dull smudgy smears, white belly. Head was round with pale lores. Well-developed eye-ring with only the slightest rear ellipse. I may have heard a soft whit once. Brown tail seemed long in relation to a short wing projection, with outer tail feathers and tip thinly edged a dull white. Head, nape and back were a subtle shade of fresh brownish earth tones, changing hue, as it moved into different winter light. Tail was almost constantly flicked upward without much wing movement. My guess, from Allen's description and these additional clues, that this is a first year Dusky Flycatcher, as a few jizz things (bird seemed longer, more slender, flicked tail way too much, white throat, reduced eyering, less yellow) seemed slightly off for "Western"---although to be fair I'm not sure what a Cordillaren or Pacific Slope or a Dusky Flycatcher should look like near Christmas. If I had had a decent camera, and were a decent photographer it would have been fairly easy to photograph.
Russ Bright 

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