Farallon Islands - spots open on previously sold out trips. SF pelagic next weekend.

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hello all.

     This year for two entirely different and unrelated reasons, other than my own bad luck I guess, the two Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society Farallon Island trips we had going had to be rescheduled. This created a few openings on both trips. Friday Aug 12, and Sun Aug 28th. Whales have ben abundant out there, including Blue Whales, and lots of birds of course Tufted Puffin, Brown Booby are up there on the interest level.

    Aug 14, Sunday, is the San Francisco waters trip. We maximize time in SF county, and are planning to head to deeper areas and warmer water if weather allows.


thanks all! I am in Ontario, Canada, eager to arrive home and see the ocean again. Way too hot and humid here, not used to it anymore. Air without a salty taste? How do people live like this J



Alvaro Jaramillo



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