a morning at the beach

Dan Murphy <murphsf@...>

Well, today was better than yesterday at the beach. True, the fog was
quite wet and I couldn't see far off shore, but the wind was down so I
didn't freeze.

At Seal Rocks there was a Wandering Tattler. My first for the season
and a pretty early migrant. Marbled Godwits and a Willet were on the
beach. 5 Black Oystercatchers were feeding on the rocks. I never saw
more than 3 Pigeon Guillemots at once, but if they were the same 3 every
time they sure were flying around a lot. Brandt's Cormorants were still
sitting on nests. I finally ticked off an Elegant Tern. It seems they
don't sit on the beach overnight since I missed them yesterday morning
at Pacheco.

Down at Fort Funston the Bank Swallow colony remains active. There are
several burrows with chicks and adult birds visited many more.

Good birding, Dan

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