Re: Brown Booby, etc. at Sutro Baths

Paul Saraceni

A Red-Necked Grebe was on the water just offshore from the Mile Rock overlook around 12:15 pm today. Perhaps the same individual noted below and recently by others from the Cliff House vicinity.

Also of local interest late morning, there were 2 f. Western Bluebirds working the fence line across the Great Highway from the southmost parking lot. I haven't previously observed the species there.

Paul Saraceni 
San Francisco

On Jan 30, 2016, at 6:12 PM, Christine & Willett Moss cowmoss@... [SFBirds] <SFBirds-noreply@...> wrote:

This afternoon I briefly saw the brown booby flying south while doing a quick seawatch at Sutro Baths. It appears to be the same juvenile that others have previously reported. Also present were quite a few red throated loons flying south, with a few flying north as well, along with a red necked grebe flying north. Overall a good seawatch for only 45 minutes.

Good birding,
Oscar Moss

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