Wednesday in the City


My Chilean niece, Andrea, and I came to the city early to have breakfast and then try to find some of the rarities.  Just off the west end of the Fly Casting Pool parking lot, we had a nice male Varied Thrush, before taking a good look at the Bison.  We then spent some time at Elk Glen Lake looking for the Orchard Oriole and the American Bittern, before we decided to try something different.  After visiting The Thinker at the Palace of Legion of Honor, we saw a pair of Red-tailed Hawks circling over the parking lot and being dogged by about 4 Ravens.

We returned for another 45 minutes to an hour at Elk Glen Lake, still not finding either the Oriole or the Bittern.  But almost as soon as we stopped at the open space on Armory Road behind the Zoo, we saw the Eastern Phoebe on the corner of the closest, dark brown building.  I even walked back to the car to bring the scope for better views. 

A final stop at Heron's Head produced a number of birds, including an American Avocet and a Long-billed Curlew, but no Palm Warbler and no Loon of any kind.  By this time after lunch, it was so warm I had to strip off my thin sweater.  We headed for the Bay Bridge and home, sufficiently satisfied with the wonderful day out.

Hugh B. Harvey

Walnut Creek

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